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A SasuNaru doujinshi (fancomic). Summary: The last battle with Sasuke left Naruto devastated under the crippling weight of a reality that is crumbling underneath him. His love for Sasuke is put to the test as Naruto's newfound hatred distances the two best friends. Hoping to change the past for the better, Naruto utilizes a timetravel jutsu...whose unexpected outcome changes everything that used to be part of his plan. --- Credits: Story: Aurinya & Heller45 Drafting & Pannelling: Aurinya Lining & Toning: Heller45 Front page by Aurinya, Backpage by Heller. Original Naruto & Naruto Shippuuden Series by Kishimoto Masashi. --- Brought to you by Hakusho DoujinCircle.

January 9th, 2011, 8:22 am

Hakusho DC Gallery is up!

After meddling with the html for an hour I've finally managed to put up some of our artworks on this site. If you are interested, the artworks can be found under the (DC Gallery) tab, which is on the navigation bar to the right. Just click on it and the pictures should load by themselves.

And if you can't find it (though I have no idea how anyone can not find it), here's the specific link: http://switchdoujinshi.smackjeeves.com/HakushoGallery/

Heller, do more Naruto fanart! I could only find two from your gallery. D:

January 8th, 2011, 7:13 am

Authors of Doujin Circle Hakusho

The other author of this Doujin Circle Hakusho, Heller45, has just joined me. :) Here's our new Deviantart Account: www.hakushoDC.deviantart.com.

Our respective DA Accounts:
Aurinya: www.Aurinya.deviantart.com
Heller45: www.Heller45.deviantart.com

We are great seasoned fans of the Naruto series, in case you're still not sure by now. Oh and he's my devbro. ^^

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